Frequently Asked Questions about Naula

How can Naula help me?

If you are undergoing IVF, IUI, FET, Egg Donation, Egg Freezing or Surrogacy (or have a partner who is) Naula can help you keep track of all your medications and appointments. After inputting the treatment given by your doctor, Naula will give you video instructions, written instructions and reminders for each item. This will make it easier to stay on top of your treatment and get instructions all in one place.

If you repeat a treatment (which is often the case during IVF, IUI and FET) you can duplicate the entire treatment for a new cycle and date.

What if my medication or appointment type isn’t included?

If you don’t see a medication or appointment type you are using in Naula, you can easily enter it yourself. This item will then be saved in your version of the app and you can use it again as needed.

Can I edit a medication’s dates after I enter it?

Yes. Simply select that medication from anywhere in the calendar. Tap on the medication name at the top in the blue box. This will open up the details you entered. Scroll to the bottom and tap “edit.” You can edit any information including start and end dates, frequency, time of day and dosage. You can also add any helpful notes or pictures. The process is exactly the same for appointments

How can I see a calendar overview of my treatment - or share it with my partner/support network?

When you are on your treatment calendar tap on the purple cog at the top right of your screen. This will bring up your treatment options. Select treatment overview. Here you can see a snapshot of your treatment. Tapping the share icon at the top right will email this to anyone you would like to share it with.

Can Naula record blood test results and egg retrieval results?

Yes, you can add notes and images to any medication or appointment to keep track of test results and procedures.

I am not getting medications or appointment reminders.

When you install Naula, the app will ask you to allow notifications. Tap on the OK button. If you still don't get reminders, make sure 24-Hour Time is turned off.  To turn off 24-Hour Time go to: Settings  >  General >  Date and Time.

I have a suggestion to make Naula better.

We count on your feedback and suggestions to keep improving Naula and helping more and more women, so please email or tweet us @naulafertility!

Is there an Android version?

We're working on it, and hoping to launch that in mid-2017. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know and stay updated with Naula.

I would like to feature Naula and interview Paula for my publication or podcast.

We would love that! Please email email or tweet us @naulafertility!

I have another question, thought or concern about Naula that isn’t answered here. How can I reach a real person?

For more information about Naula email us at For help with the app, email us at Or you can use our online form here. Any of these methods will reach a real live human being who will get back to you as soon as possible.