Naula was created by two women who know what you are going through. 

As anyone who has gone through any fertility treatments knows, it’s a complicated process, both emotionally and logistically. Simply coming to terms with needing medical help to get pregnant can be a major challenge. Add to that the incredibly complicated and precise nature of the treatment. And needles! It can be the most stressful time in a couple’s life.

After years of trying to conceive our founder Paula Campos went through several rounds of infertility treatments. Not only did she experience the stress and confusion first-hand, but she was shocked at how arcane the support was for such cutting-edge medical treatments.

Experiencing the struggle first hand was the inspiration to create Naula.

During my first round of IVF I went home with stacks of paperwork and disparate YouTube links as my only guide to understand and manage the treatment. I was stressed and confused, and so like anyone would, I looked for an app to help. I couldn’t believe there was nothing out there. The clinic’s waiting room was full of women and couples just like me, using syringes and other complicated medical equipment for the first time -- with printouts!

Am I doing it right?

One night I used the wrong size syringe for a medication and freaked out. Had I just invalidated my entire treatment cycle? I called the nurse in a panic. It was then that I knew there had to be a better way, I had to design and build a time-saving, stress-reducing and beautiful app. I brought my dedication to the cause, deep research, product design and marketing background to create the best assisted reproductive fertility app out there — Naula!

I carefully designed each screen and process to be as user-friendly and beautiful as possible. I worked closely with doctors and nurses to include all the right treatments, medications, appointments and default values with the best possible accuracy. I splurged on the best possible privacy and security protocols. I tested it, tested it, and tested it again. I was exhausted, and very very proud.

The result is Naula. We hope it helps you on your journey — whether it’s IVF, IUI, FET, Egg Freezing, Surrogacy or Egg Donation — and we welcome your comments and feedback as we grow and perfect Naula.